Is 75Hz Good For Gaming On PC, PS4, PS5 and XBox in 2022?

If you like to play games on your PlayStation or Xbox, then refresh rate is not something that you might usually think about.

However, if you are playing fast-paced action games on PC, then this should definitely be a go for consideration.

The basic difference between 60Hz and 75Hz refresh rates is 15 extra hertz for more fluid movements in games with high-speed graphics (like racing games).

So the answer is yes! 75Hz is good for gaming and allows you have better experience with smoother motions and reduced lag time.

Refresh Rate

When choosing gaming monitors, refresh rates and response time are two main features that are gamers consider.

There are lots of models out there with different refresh rates and response times. But the best way is to choose the one that best suits your requirement.

If you like playing games at higher speed, then a monitor with 75Hz might just suffice.

Because of this, it is overall recommended to use a 100Hz monitor as they allow image display at a faster speed which reduces the motion blur effect while moving objects in fast action games.

What is Refresh Rate? 

One thing that you must be familiar with is the term refresh rate. It determines how fast your monitor screen refreshes and displays images to remove any on-screen motion blur artifacts.

With better refresh rates in monitors, we get a better gaming experience as this decreases lag times and improves motion fluidity.

For gamers, higher refresh rates are a must as they can help them track moving targets more accurately than standard 60Hz monitors.

Most gaming monitors come with faster 100Hz or 120Hz display capability, which provides you smoother motion at high-speed gameplay (like racing games). Less input lag time & reduced motion blur effect while playing action games like first-person shooters (PS).

Does Refresh Rate Matter – Does It Affect Gameplay Experience?

It certainly does matter when it comes to higher-speed games that require faster refresh rates.

There are many gamers who still play on 60Hz monitors and don’t think they need a bigger or better monitor, even after upgrading their consoles for smoother gameplay.

However, there’s no denying the fact that a monitor with a higher refresh rate can give you a closer experience to real-life gaming.

Is 75Hz Good For Gaming?

Yes, 75Hz does a great job when it comes to providing fluid, sharper, and more detailed motion at speed-based games.

Most casual gamers shouldn’t have any issue with the 75Hz refresh rate as it offers a decent gaming experience.

If you tend to play your favorite game at are around 100fps, then you would not be able to see much difference when it comes 75Hz.

However, if your budget allows, then it is still recommended for you to opt for a higher refresh rate monitor, which will offer smoother motion and better responsiveness.

You might even think of getting 120Hz to 144Hz display monitors if you have got a PC rig capable enough to drive those speeds.

Higher refresh rates also help in reducing input lag time which further improves the gameplay experience.

But if you are tight on budget, and you don’t have any future plans to upgrade your setup, and are planning to restrict your gaming to consoles, and for genres like MOBAs and RTS that are known for being slower, a 75Hz monitor is good for gaming.

In the majority of cases, getting a monitor higher than 75Hz might be a no-brainer, but you also need to consider your graphic card and CPU.

If you’ve got an old CPU such as a Ryzen 7 1700 or GPU that struggles with even a 60Hz monitor, then it is better you stick to 60Hz and upgrade other hardware components instead of the monitor.

Hence, a 75Hz monitor might not be a good option for veteran gamers who demand extreme and smooth gameplay.

But, if you are looking for something more affordable and midrange, then a 75Hz monitor might just do the trick, especially for casual gamers who don’t play many demanding games.

Is 75Hz better than 60Hz?

Yes, it is, in many ways. If you are looking for smooth motion with fast response times and the ability to take advantage of high-speed games, then 75Hz is certainly a better choice than 60Hz.

When it comes to gaming, you need an immersive experience when they run at 60Hz or more.

However, if you play games like Titanfall, Overwatch, and Battlefield, then a higher refresh rate monitor will make sure that you can enjoy every aspect of these games with no lags or tear.

An avid gamer should be able to see the difference between 60hz and 75hz.

Overall, 75Hz refresh rate is what the community terms “preferable,” and that is pretty much the case here.

Hence, if budget is not a constraint, you should go for a higher refresh rate display. But, if you’re a casual gamer, and you don’t want to break the bank for a high-end rig, then it is better that you stick to a 75Hz monitor.

The bottom line here is that if you have got a strong enough PC to drive higher refresh rate monitors, something more than a 75Hz monitor is certainly worth considering.

Is 75Hz good for gaming on PS4?

75Hz is a good choice for PS4 gaming; in fact, it is recommended to use a 75Hz monitor for PS4.

Despite the fact that a higher refresh rate is better for smoother gameplay, getting a 75Hz monitor won’t be considered a bad choice for PS4.

PS4 consoles are capped at around 60fps, and it won’t make much difference for you to get a monitor with a 75Hz refresh rate as compared to 60Hz.

High-end games like Battlefield and Titanfall will also perfectly work on a 75Hz monitor.

However, there might be some games that might not work on your display as they require a higher frame rate for smooth motion.

Also, you should note that on a PS4 console, there is no option to modify the refresh rates, and it is locked at 60Hz.

Above all, getting a monitor with a 75Hz refresh rate for PS4 means you get to enjoy the benefit of reduced input lag time, which further improves the gameplay experience.

Thus overall, getting a 75Hz monitor for PS4 gaming is a better choice than a 60Hz display as there will be no issues with latency, and the motion will also look smoother thanks to that high refresh rate.

Is 75Hz good for Warzone?

75Hz is good for playing Warzone. A monitor of 75Hz will provide decent frame rates for Warzone, as well as a high refresh rate which will ensure an amazing gaming experience.

It will make sure that there are no lags or latency issues, which may even result in death during hardcore gameplay.

Furthermore, 75Hz delivers excellent fluidity and responsiveness, as well as a high degree of fluidity and reactivity, which are fundamental for such action-packed games as Warzone.

Overall, obtaining a 75Hz monitor is an excellent choice if you enjoy playing Warzone or other action-packed titles where fast reactions are required.

Is 75Hz good for Call of Duty?

If you’re a casual PlayStation 4 gamer, 75Hz is enough for Call of Duty.

However, if you play on PS5, Xbox Series X, PC, or are into competitive gaming, then you would need the capability to play at 120fps since 75Hz might be insufficient for you, and you may require an upgrade for a better gaming experience.

Is 75Hz good for Fortnite?

For the average player, Fortnite should work without any problems because the minimum fps required by Fortnite is around 60 frames per second, although some gaming machines can reach up to 120 frames per second.

So if you plan to play Fortnite on a console like Xbox 360 or PS4 casually, you’ll be able to get away with a 75Hz refresh rate.

However, if you’re playing Fortnite on a gaming PC and want to compete at a high level, you might be happier with a monitor that has a 120Hz refresh rate or more.

Is 75Hz good for gaming in PS5?

No, a 75Hz computer monitor is not adequate for the PS5.

The PS5 gaming console has been clocked at 120 frames per second and 4K resolution, so you’ll need a display that can support these specifications to get the most out of them.

In case you run PS5 games on a 75Hz monitor, it is likely that you will experience some issues with latency, such as input lag.

Also, you will see a lot of tears, which will be quite frustrating for gamers who are looking to compete at a high level.

So if you’re planning on getting a PS5 and don’t want any problems with your monitor, it’s recommended that you purchase a display that has a 120Hz refresh rate or more.

Is 75Hz good for console gaming?

It depends on what console you are using. If you are playing games on a PS4, or Nintendo Switch, then 75Hz will be fine for you.

However, if you are planning to play games on PC, or PS5 then do look at a monitor with at least 100-120 Hz.

75Hz vs. 144Hz – Which is better for gaming?

If you have a powerful gaming PC and want to enjoy the best possible performance, then it will be better for you to invest in a gaming monitor with a 144Hz refresh rate.

However, if you want to play games on low settings or do not need that much fluidity and responsiveness when playing action-packed online games, then 75Hz would suffice.

Overall, a 75Hz monitor is ideal for office work and older games with slower frame rates.

However, a screen with a refresh rate of 144Hz is the superior option for gaming. High-intensity activities like sports and action films benefit from this high rate.

The graphics are less prone to tearing and stuttering on the screen.

So is a 75Hz monitor good for gaming? – Conclusion

From a personal experience, I had an old 1080p 75Hz monitor, and, to be honest, I loved playing with it on things like Witcher 3 or other non-competitive games.

If you play competitive shooters like CS GO or other similar games, then 75Hz is slightly better at frame rendering than 60Hz, but not significant.

But at the end of March 2022, I got an IPS monitor with a resolution of 1080P 144HZ since the previous one was getting obsolete and had a dead pixel.

When compared to gaming on my previous display, the difference in frame rendering in games like CS GO was quite evident.

Personally, I’d recommend a refresh rate of 75Hz for mediocre gamers who are not much into competitive online shooting games.

Although there is not much of a difference, the 75Hz monitor still delivers great fluidity and responsiveness, which are fundamental for such action-packed games as Warzone.

75Hz monitors also work well on previous consoles such as PS4 and Xbox 360 and can deliver an amazing refresh rate and gaming experience.

It can perform well when playing games like The Witcher 3 or Battlefield 1 without causing any rendering issue.

Overall, obtaining a 75Hz monitor is an excellent choice if you enjoy playing games on average settings.

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