Ghost Of Tsushima On PC Coming in 2022? – Release Date!

The Ghost of Tsushima is an action-adventure game set in 1274 and is one of the popular games enthusiasts want to see on PC.

Sony Interactive Entertainment published it, and Sucker Punch Productions developed it.

In the game, players assume the role of Jin, known as the ‘Ghost of Tsushima.’

Jin seeks vengeance against the Mongol invaders who killed his family, ravaged his land, and destroyed his little hamlet.

The game is a visually stunning game with an adrenaline-pumping action sequence and a compelling narrative that gamers will undoubtedly enjoy.

Ghost of Tsushima is available on the PlayStation for now, but it would be wonderful if it were also released on PC.

So, is Ghost of Tsushima coming on PC? Let’s find out.

What is Ghost of Tsushima?

Ghost of Tsushima is a new open world samurai game from Sucker Punch Productions that’s set during the Sengoku period in Japan. It will be available on the Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC.

The game was announced at E3 2017. The game will be released in Japan on March 20th, 2020 and will be released in the West sometime later.

The game is being developed by Sucker Punch Productions in collaboration with Sony Interactive Entertainment.

What are the best PC games for Ghost of Tsushima?

Ghost of Tsushima is an action-adventure game developed by Sucker Punch Productions and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. It was released worldwide on May 30, 2019.

The gameplay of Ghost of Tsushima is based on parkour. You can jump from one building to another, climb up walls and swing from buildings to buildings.

The game is set in Japan during the Sengoku period. The main character is Kojima, a samurai who has lost his family. He then joins the Akamatsu clan, which is trying to restore its honor.

Is Ghost Of Tsushima Coming To PC?

Sony has previously said that bringing games to PC is very profitable for them.
Furthermore, with a shortage of consoles these days, restricting a game to one system isn’t always viable anymore, especially when you consider that Xbox Game Pass is available everywhere.

According to the latest rumors from multiple sources, the release date of ‘Ghost of Tsushima’ on PC is in the second quarter of 2022.

The PlayStation only logo has been removed from the game’s box art, which was also done with Horizon Zero Dawn and Days Gone before their PC release.

Horizon Zero Dawn and Days Gone were among the PlayStation exclusives, but both were ultimately released on PC.

It’s also worth noting that the ‘Only on PlayStation’ banner isn’t shown on Sony Direct for ‘Ghost of Tsushima,’ which is another clue that it will soon be available on PC.

When is Ghost of Tsushima coming on PC?

We’re still waiting for confirmation from Sony. However, according to rumors and some informed assumptions based on previous events, the game will be available on PC by the second quarter of 2022.
‘Days Gone’ was published in April 2019 and was available for PC by May 2021.

‘Ghost of Tsushima’ came out in July 2020, and there are good reasons to believe that it will be available on PC sometime in 2022.

Ghost of Tsushima PC release date?

Sony has not confirmed any news about ‘Ghost of Tsushima’ yet. But there are various reasons to believe that the game will be launched in the mid of 2022 for PC.

Also, considering that God of War was released in 2018 and will be available on PC in January 2022, it is not futile to say that PlayStation exclusive ‘Ghost of Tsushima’ will be available on PC by Q2, 2022.
Sony has certainly increased its pace when it comes to PC porting: Days Gone debuted in April 2019 and arrived on PC in May this year.

Will Ghost of Tsushima Be on Steam or Epic Games Store?

We expect Ghost of Tsushima to be available on Steam, as all of Sony’s games have previously been.
Unless Epic decides to spend a lot of money, Ghost of Tsushima will debut on Steam when it comes to PC – either that or it’ll debut on Steam and the Epic Store, just like God of War in January 2022. It’s extremely unlikely that Ghost of Tsushima will be available only through the Epic store.

Will the ghost of Tsushima be available on Pc’s?

The Ghost of Tsushima is a new action-adventure game developed by SIE Japan Studio, the studio behind games such as Yakuza and NieR:Automata.
The game will be released for the PS4 and PC in Summer 2020. It’s being developed by a small team of around 30 people, and will be published by Sony Interactive Entertainment.
 You can play the ghost of Tsushima at PC by downloading the game through the PlayStation Store or Steam and can easily play the ghost of Tsushima by using a PS4 controller.

How do I download Ghost of Tsushima on a PC?

As has been noted by many people, the game is not available for purchase through Steam. However, it’s possible to download the game using a variety of methods. In this guide, we will walk you through the process of downloading Ghost of Tsushima for PC.
Ghost of Tsushima is available for Windows PC, Mac, and Linux. The game is also available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The PC version of the game was released on March 13, 2019. However, there are a number of ways to download and install the game onto your PC. You can use a few different methods depending on what operating system you use.
The game is only available to purchase through the PlayStation Store and Xbox Live marketplace. This means that you cannot download the game through Steam or other online stores.
If you want to play the game on your PC, you will need to download it directly from the developer.

How to play Ghost of Tsushima on PC?

Although the game isn’t officially available on a desktop computer, you can still play Ghost of Tsushima on PC by installing the PlayStation Application.
Once installed, use a USB port to connect your DualShock 4 controller to your PC and proceed to log in with your Sony account.
Wait until the application detects your PS4, and once done, you can play Ghost of Tsushima on PC.
If your PC does not meet the recommended Ghost of Tsushima system requirements, you should expect to experience lag.

Can I play Ghost of Tsushima on Windows 7?

The answer is yes, but you need to be prepared for some headaches.
I’ve been playing Ghost of Tsushima on my PC for about two weeks now and I’m pretty happy with how it runs.

The game is pretty demanding on your hardware, especially if you want to run the game at its best settings. But I’ve also had to deal with a lot of issues that are related to the fact that I’m using Windows 7.
Windows 7 has been around for a while now and there are many people still running this operating system.

Ghost Of Tsushima PC Requirements (Minimum System Specifications)

CPU: AMD FX-8320, Intel Core i5-2500K 3.3GHz, or above
Memory: 8 GB
Windows: 64 Bit Windows 8 or 10
Space: 60 GB

How much RAM do I need to play Ghost of Tsushima on a PC?

The RAM for the Ghost of Tsushima is also not the same as the RAM on a PS4 Pro, which means that you cannot use a PC with the game.

Ghost of Tsushima requires a Radeon RX 580 graphics card with 8 GB of video memory. Finally, you will also need a minimum of 4 GB of RAM. In fact, the game requires at least 16 GB of RAM.
If you have less than 16 GB of RAM, we recommend that you install it on a separate partition and not on your operating system’s main partition.

Ghost of Tsushima is compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, and Windows Vista. It can be downloaded from Steam. It is available in English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, and Traditional Chinese. The game is currently available for download for $29.

Why Is there a demand for Ghost of Tsushima to be on PC?

The Ghost of Tsushima is a game that has been met with critical acclaim and commercial success.
The game was released on the Playstation, and it quickly became one of the most popular games on the platform.
Its popularity can be attributed to a number of factors, but one of the most important reasons is the game’s unique mechanics, arts, and graphics.
The game is visually stunning and the art style and attention to detail are some of the best we’ve seen in a video game.

Also, the combat is incredibly satisfying and every fight feels like a dance, and there’s a great sense of weight and momentum to every strike.
The story is engaging and emotional. It’s a touching tale of honor and sacrifice, set against the backdrop of one of history’s most fascinating periods.

To put it another way, Ghost of Tsushima is Breath of the Wild’s mature version.
When you consider how successful Breath of the Wild was, Ghost of Tsushima’s success is unsurprising.
It is the first true open-world Samurai game of great quality, it’s no surprise that it has become so popular and there is a high demand for it to be released on PC.

What should my pc need to run the ghost of Tsushima?

It doesn’t require any specific operating system. In fact, the Ghost of Tsushima can be used across all devices including your desktop computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone or even your television.
To run Ghost of Tsushima you’ll need a decent graphics card with at least 1GB RAM. However, you can experience some slowdowns if you have less than 2GB of memory.
The game is also available on consoles, but it will require a PlayStation 4 Pro, Xbox One X or Nintendo Switch to enjoy the best experience. Ghost of Tsushima has been officially announced for PS4, Xbox One, and PC by Kojima Productions. I

Can I play Ghost of Tsushima on a Mac?

On the contrary, the game is only available on Windows and PC. However, it can be played on a Mac using Bootcamp. Next -gen consoles are not compatible with the PC, but you can still play the game on a Mac or PC.
There are some minor differences between the PC and Mac versions of the game, however. For example, the PC version of the game includes all of the post-launch DLC, while the Mac version does not.
Your Macbook Pro may not be able to run the game. If your Macbook Pro meets these requirements, then you should be able to play the game.


So, is Ghost of Tsushima coming to PC? The evidence suggests that it will.
Also, with the rise of services like Game Pass and Epic’s attempts to dethrone Steam, we may see Sony games coming to PC more often in the future.
Soon, you’ll be able to play all your PS4 games on PC.
If you want to play Ghost of Tsushima on PC, you can pre-order the game now on Amazon.

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