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Freneticdesktop.com – Our Purpose:

Do you ever think about building your own PC from scratch? You might be surprised to find out that the motherboard is one of the most important components if you’re going this route.

That’s because all other peripherals are connected through it. To help you decide on purchasing the best motherboard for your next PC.

We’ve done our research to assist you in getting a motherboard with incredible performance and compatibility. The goal of freneticdesktop.com is to help you find the best motherboard for your system.

We know that all other components are connected through the motherboard, So it’s important not to settle on an old one without checking reviews and taking advice from experts.

Meet the Team Behind Your Awesome Tech!

Shafay Islam – Co-Founder and Marketing Strategist


“I believe that everybody’s got a crazy PC idea, and as a computer nerd, I would love to share my knowledge of motherboards to help make it happen for you.” – Shafay Islam.

My name is Shafay. I’m the co-founder of freneticdesktop.com, a site designed to help people like you who want to build their first PC – whether it be for console gamers looking for something new or someone interested in building a workstation from scratch; with ease!

From my days as an avid gamer on consoles (9 years) until now playing games such as Battlefield 4 at full 1080p resolution 60 FPS while also spending leisure time in PUBG, which remains one of my favorite games today; there was never any question that I would need a powerful and sturdy computer built just how I wanted it.

However, I figured out that to have my dream PC come to reality, I need one of the finest and compatible motherboards. I’ve been building computers for more than eight years now, and I can configure a PC in less than 60 minutes from scratch.

But, what’s the point of all this? Well, these days, it seems like everyone is using their computer to stream Netflix or binge on YouTube videos, so that means they’re constantly upgrading their hardware just because it isn’t fast enough. The problem with buying old motherboards or other computer stuff from Amazon (or anywhere) is that you have no idea what type of technology you’re getting; some people will buy them thinking, “Hey, look at this great deal!” only to find out it’s not compatible with anything, and that is what I help to prevent.

Amanda Lane – Lead Content Strategist

Amanda Lane

What started as a simple interest in gaming quickly became an obsession. I remember playing games on my cheap laptop and being unsatisfied with the low frame rates, disappointing graphics, and small screen size that made me feel like just another player rather than part of the game itself.

I was in grade school when I first realized that all the computer games I played weren’t as good as they could be. My old laptop couldn’t handle high-quality graphics, which made me frustrated with my gaming experience.

After much research and self-teaching, it occurred to me that if you want your PC to perform at its best–you need a custom build!

I realized what was missing in my life: A PC built from scratch! After doing some research online, I found building one myself to be much more affordable than buying pre-built models or assembling it from separate parts for hundreds of dollars at local retailers who don’t have extensive knowledge about their products either way – not to mention they charge you, even more, when something goes wrong later down the line (not cool).

Fast forward to today, my rig still isn’t the most powerful, but it does what I need in 1080p. When playing games at a lower resolution like 720p, my frame rates can be better than 60fps which is great for competitive gaming and video editing.